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Quality Control

Beckmann Converting has a long-standing reputation for consistently delivering high quality, test verified finished laminates to our customers.

Our Quality Management System is certified to ISO 9001:2015. We consistently pass annual audits with flying colors!  A copy of our ISO certificate is available in our website’s Resource Center for download or printing.

Every master roll or slit roll that is produced is sampled and then tested in our quality control testing laboratory for bond quality and a “no pinhole” condition. We have equipment to perform most basic quality tests applicable to textiles and laminates in-house. We also work with several external testing labs and can send materials out for specialized testing, if requested. Samples are also taken and evaluated during production by our crew at the machine.  

Each finished laminate master roll or slit roll can be traced right down to the roll number of each raw material layer. Our receiving processes identify and record every single roll of every raw material that enters our plant.

We know that our customers’ expectations of quality extend beyond the finished product itself to recordkeeping, labeling of finished product, and packaging for safe and protected shipment readiness.  Our Quality Management System procedures ensure that these aspects, and more, are taken into account for every order for every customer.

We provide all Certificates of Analysis and Certificates of Compliance as needed by our customers.

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