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Capabilities in Ultrasonic Laminating

Our Ultrasonic Laminating equipment is designed and built to handle the wide range of requirements that come with our services as a toll laminator. Today’s machines can handle high volume production programs utilizing wide raw materials running multiple shifts. They also have the flexibility to be setup rapidly to handle small volume, specialty laminates at narrower widths.

Here are highlights of industry leading capabilities that can be leveraged for your laminating programs:

  • Raw materials up to 126” in width can be processed resulting in lower unit costs.
  • Finished laminates up to 124” in width can be produced assuming 1” trim on each side.
  • From 2 layers up to 7 layers can be laminated into a single composite.
  • Eight different roll patterns are available with bonded areas ranging from .5% to 10.0%.
  • Slitting to any slit widths can be accomplished with inline slitting.
  • Materials successfully laminated include nonwovens, films, meshes, knits and wovens.
  • Our ultrasonic laminating processes do not introduce any outside agents beyond the original raw materials.
  • Hand trial samples are laminated right on our production equipment, not on R&D rigs.
  • Our extensive in-house quality control test lab supports all production, ensuring test verified quality of finished laminates.
  • A rigorous ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System is driven to eliminate defects during the lamination process.
  • Inventory systems are designed to maintain traceability down to each roll of raw material used in a production run.

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