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Doing Business Together

We make every effort to make Doing Business Together as effortless as possible for you!  Here are a few areas our customers have said are very important to them.

Pricing and Quotations

Most hand trials are provided at No Charge to the customer. Roll trials are charged on an hourly basis. The customer generates a purchase order showing the hourly rate as quoted and uses the Beckmann estimated number of hours it may take to execute. Only the actual hours used during the trial are invoiced to the customer at the hourly rate once the trial is completed.  

Production pricing is provided on a unit basis, typically linear yards, square yards, linear meters, or square meters, as preferred by the customer. Depending upon the details of the program, pricing could be provided at the master roll level or at individual slit roll level, or both. We setup pricing and invoicing to fit best with your financial and inventory systems.

Formal, numbered quotations are provided for every trial where charges apply and for production of each laminate. Most information contained in the quotation needs to be included on every purchase order based on the quotation. The quotations are used in reviewing submitted purchase orders before an Order Confirmation is sent to the customer and the purchase order officially accepted by Beckmann Converting.


Every employee at Beckmann Converting takes the confidentiality of our customer’s information very seriously every day. In most cases, we execute Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreements that can cover a specific laminating program, a particular division of a company, or all laminating programs across all divisions of our customer’s corporation.  

We greatly limit the use of photography and video in our marketing, selling and communications with customers. We often generate all shipping documentation using our customer’s name and address, and other information, rather than our own. Every customer visit to our facility is curated specifically based on what is being produced on that day so that all customer identifying information is not visible.

Transportation and Storage of Materials

All orders for laminating services are executed ExWorks Amsterdam, NY at our loading docks. Customers are responsible for arranging and paying for all transportation for incoming raw materials and for shipment of all finished laminates. Our Customer Service and Fulfillment teams will work with your transportation department or third-party logistics company to support transportation with data and documents as required.

We are willing and able to store both raw materials and finished goods when it makes sense for our customer’s laminating program. In most cases, customer owned raw materials are shipped to us in quantities necessary to complete a specific purchase order. The laminating is executed with most of the raw materials fully used, and the finished laminate is shipped and invoiced upon completion. We can receive larger quantities of raw materials and store them for short periods of time until they are needed to produce several different orders. Likewise, we can store finished product that has been laminated and fully invoiced for shipment as needed.  

We are Digitally Friendly!

Rather than lock into a specific platform for conducting business digitally, we work with each of our customers to support their various business systems. Many of our customers have multiple Portals accessible by vendors for different purposes. We are positioned to handle most transactions digitally, from receiving purchase orders to submitting invoices and receiving payments, and logistics. As our website evolves, we are making more information available digitally and in downloadable formats.

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