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Buyer's Journey

Three distinct groups within our customer companies engage with us at Beckmann Converting on lamination programs: New Product Leaders, Manufacturing Capacity Leaders, and Supply Chain Leaders. Each group has uniquely different needs and priorities, and often take very different paths on their journey with us as a Buyer.  

We have curated a selection of information offering knowledge and insight that we have found to be of particular interest to each group of Leaders. Depending upon your role and perspective, please consider the following as convenient starting points. Begin your Buyer’s Journey! 


New Product Leaders seek our services to support new product programs from early conceptual to market launch stages.  


Manufacturing Capacity Leaders turn to us as they explore “make or buy” decisions when it comes to ultrasonic laminating, whether it be to outsource 100% of laminating capacities or to contract supplemental capacities for new growth.


Supply Chain Leaders gather the evidence that Beckmann Converting is a strong, reliable, and fully qualified vendor that is customer centric.

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