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Outsource Ultrasonic Laminating

There are many good reasons to outsource your ultrasonic laminating needs rather than doing it in-house.

Avoid the significant capital investment and ongoing maintenance costs.

An ultrasonic laminator is an expensive piece of equipment, and often is designed and dimensioned to laminate a specific product or limited family of products.  At Beckmann Converting, our machines are designed and built with the flexibility to handle a very wide range of textile laminating requirements.  This includes the ability to execute unique machine setups accurately and efficiently to switch between different products. 

Avoid the growing talent investment required to operate ultrasonic laminating.

Ultrasonic laminating operations benefit from personnel with high levels of skills and experience working with ultrasonics.  With over 30 plus years of laminating under our belts, we have accumulated a unique body of knowledge about ultrasonic laminating and most textiles and materials that end up in laminates. Our production and quality control staff are highly trained to leverage this cumulative wisdom.

Ensure the highest quality textile laminates are available at the volumes your customers need.

100% of our focus and resources is on optimizing ultrasonic lamination processes to be able to produce your materials at the growing volumes you require. It is all that we do.  The quality and availability of textile laminates often are the critical components for end use products. When in-house laminating operations compete with other departments and processes for resources and attention, the result can be long term quality issues and limited availability of finished product to meet market demands.

These customers often report that finished product laminated at Beckmann Converting is of higher quality than what they can achieve in-house.

In most cases, Beckmann Converting handles all of a customer’s ultrasonic laminating for them.  This outsourcing strategy results in a customer benefitting from the lowest possible Total Cost for their ultrasonic laminating.  We also work with customers who choose to keep some volume of ultrasonic laminating “in-house” for various reasons.  When this is the case, it is often easier and faster for us to increase production volumes or support new product development than it would be through their own operations.  

Maximize control over supply chain for critical laminate product components.

Since we operate as a Toll laminator, you retain complete control and ownership of your raw materials from start to finish.  This includes driving the specifications and verifying the quality of the raw materials which are critical to the performance of your product in their end use applications.  Most of our customers have third party vendors for their raw materials that drop ship them directly to our facility.  When we receive raw materials, we identify them right down to the individual roll number and the length of material on the roll.  We can provide this information to our customers when requested.  If you need samples from the shipment of materials for verification testing, we can provide those as necessary.  At their arrival and as we are processing your raw materials, we will alert you to any damage or noticeable change in quality that we observe.

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