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We are the custodian of the manufacturability of your textile laminates throughout their lifecycles.  From early stages of new product development through long term production, we develop and continually optimize the ultrasonic lamination process that is unique to every one of your textile laminates.  We are uniquely positioned as an ultrasonic bonding toll laminator to provide services that deliver high value benefits.

Production is Our Primary Service

Volume production of finished textile laminates through ultrasonic bonding lamination is the primary service we provide to our customers at Beckmann Converting. We focus on roll-to-roll lamination, with finished roll product delivered as master rolls or in slit widths via inline slitting. Our laminating capabilities enable us to ramp up to support high volume programs on tight schedules. At the same time, our equipment is flexible enough to deliver short run, specialty laminates.  

Lamination Process Development is Vital

Beckmann Converting supports customer New Product Development teams early in their projects. Reviewing details of a project and samples of raw materials, an Initial Evaluation determines whether, or not, a composite of specific materials has the potential to be bonded into a laminate using ultrasonic bonding technology.  

One or more Hand Trials serve to confirm the assessment and a deeper understanding of bonding parameters is explored.  

As the customer team moves closer to final product laminate design, initial Roll Trials provide valuable insight to the robustness of the lamination process and resultant costs of production. The goal is to develop an optimized laminating process that will yield high quality results at production rates that will meet commercial volume and cost targets.

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