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Beckmann Converting, Inc. is a world leading toll laminator serving customers who make textile products for diverse industries and applications.

Sandel International, Inc, a wholly owned subsidiary, manufactures and sells Sandel Fire Barrier Fabrics for use in upholstered furniture, smoke curtains, fire blankets and other applications requiring a fire barrier. (For details, visit www.sandelinternational.com).

Utilizing ultrasonic bonding processes exclusively, we convert continuous, wide web, roll-to-roll customer owned technical materials into multiple layer high performance textile composites. Our customers rely upon Beckmann Converting to laminate their textile composite packages cost effectively and with consistent, test verified quality.  

Through long term supply agreements, Beckmann Converting executes major high volume ultrasonic laminating programs for our customers. Our equipment is designed for efficient changeover to run lower volume specialty laminate programs as well.   

With 30 plus years of experience in ultrasonic laminating, we deliver the lowest Total Cost solutions to our customers. They often avoid expensive investment in plant and equipment by having us meet their lamination needs.  We often hear from our customers that the finished laminates we deliver are better quality and higher consistency than they can achieve internally. We can supplement or takeover production requirements with rapid validation and ramp-up to meet volume needs.

Our service begins early in the New Product Development cycle supporting customer Research & Development teams. As product design emerges, our staff provides guidance on the potential to achieve desired laminating results. Hand Trials are run to bond sample sets right on our production equipment rather than in the lab. When a package with promise is identified, we run one or more Roll Trials with the goal of developing a laminating process that optimizes the quality and cost of the finished product. Right through initial commercial production runs, the customer can have confidence that Beckmann Converting is their dedicated custodian of the manufacturability of their products when it comes to laminating.

Beckmann Converting operates on a fully registered ISO9001:2015 Quality Management Program. Product testing is performed at the machine by production crew members and in our onsite Quality Control Lab by our technicians to ensure that every length of finished material meets the specification requirements of our customers.

Rely upon Beckmann Converting to be your external laminator of technical textile laminates! Leverage our experienced capabilities in production and new product development to your advantage.

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