Lamination and the Creation of Textile Laminates 

Lamination is the process of joining two or more layers of the same or different materials together to form a textile laminate.  The traditional means of lamination was to apply a combination of high temperature, pressure, and adhesive to form a bond.  With today’s higher performance materials, the value of the material and its special properties may be sacrificed using traditional methods.  The materials can be crushed by too much pressure, or degraded by excess temperature, or even smothered by a cover layer of adhesive.


Selective and Exact Lamination

The Key Technology of Beckmann Converting

Beckmann Converting delivers laminates that make maximum use of the performance characteristics of each layer of the composite by selectively and exactly bonding the layers together.  Our key to success is the mastery of Ultrasonic Lamination, employing precision control to create the right amount of bonding at exact points in the textile composite.

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