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A Customer Needs Assessment is created and kept current on every existing product and new product development project through interviews and dialogue with our customer.   It serves as a guide for both parties on what is deemed to be most important to the customer.

Download OPF-017x-r4-CUSTOMER-NEEDS-ASSESSMENT-from-Customer.pdf

Hand sample trials > Experimental roll trials > Validation Production Roll Trials > Customer Acceptance as a product > Issuance of BCI style number.

Hand sample trials:  Hand size pieces (minimum 8.5” by 11” - 8.5" by 15" to 18" is better) of each layer are ultrasonically bonded with the appropriate roll to confirm the ability to laminate the layers.  This is where the dialog starts so we understand what you need to be successful.

Experimental roll trials.  Short runs of roll goods are typically billed at an hourly rate ($/hr instead of $/ly or lm).  Often used to develop or confirm specification values for bonding or other performance criteria.   Materials need to be on 3” cores or 6" cores or 6.75 " cores.

Validation Production Roll Trials.  Run with full size rolls using issued specification.  Most customers have one to three qualification production runs before the product is accepted.  Charges may be as a trial ($/hr) or as production ($/ly or $/lm) depending on volume.

Customer Acceptance as a product.  Customer issues a formal statement that product as produced to their specification is accepted.  Final pricing is confirmed for minimum quantity with defined testing frequency and packaging requirements.

Issuance of BCI style number.  Style number is issued by Beckmann Converting after review of customer acceptance materials.


Hand samples are only available with Ultrasonic bonding.  Laminates bonded with adhesive need special handling and with reactive adhesives need to be properly stored while they cure.

We generally process hand samples at no charge, assuming the quantity needed is reasonable.  We do this, because we need to understand what you (the customer) are thinking and to be sure what you want is possible before either side invests a lot of time and money to develop a laminate.

For a hand trial, we need paper sheet-sized samples: minimum of 8.5” by 11” but 8.5” by 15"-18" is better.

Every product requires a customer written specification prior to the Production Validation Trials.  The specification indicates product performance criteria, testing protocols, an assessment of the customer's priorities, and potential problems and concerns.  The original product specification or a revision number is referenced on all purchase orders and is part of the Order Confirmation process whereby Beckmann Converting officially accepts a purchase order.


Product testing in our quality control laboratory centers on measuring the quality of the bond generated by our laminating processes.  Other characteristics that are impacted by the bond quality may also be tested.  Should a customer request testing on other physical aspects of the laminate, Beckmann Converting will make every effort to provide it as part of the price quotation.  

Yes, Beckmann Converting is certified as meeting the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015 (ANSI/ISO/ASQ Q9001-2015) by our registrar SRI through September 11, 2022.  Our certificate is attached as a pdf.

Download Beckmann ISO 2015 Cert 2016 to 2019.pdf

The customer provided written product specification should detail what measurements need to be taken and the frequency.

Example of a COA:

Download 2222-COA-CUSTOMER-X-1-27-16-24504-48-MR-5-6.pdf

The customer provided written product specification should detail what measurements need to be taken and the frequency.

Example of a COC:

Download 2222-COC-customer-X-1-27-16-24504-48-MR-5-6.pdf

Beckmann Converting will take responsibility for special testing, manufacturing or packaging equipment that is required.  Your equipment needs to be labeled as your property.  There needs to be a written Bailment agreement describing the equipment, its value, and the terms for leaving it at Beckmann Converting.  For equipment valued at $100,000 or greater, additional documentation may be required as to the value and condition of the equipment.

Laminates manufactured by Beckmann Converting often are leading edge composite materials in products selling into highly competitive markets.  The sanctity of intellectual property, including that protected as trade secrets, is essential.  Safeguards are in place and all employees are trained to maintain confidentiality of customer information.  Information about a product or customer is only released if writte approval is provided by the customer.


Laminating equipment and processes are custom designed and built by Beckmann Converting and are considered proprietary as trade secrets by our company.  Restrictions are placed on what may be viewed by customers and others when visiting Beckmann Converting. 

Inventory of both raw materials and finished goods on site greatly facilitates the flow of goods for our customers.  Buffer quantities help level peaks in demand and managing any unforeseen problems.

There are two special considerations for raw material inventories stored on site.  (1) Our insurance will cover material in our building covered by a customer order we have on our books.  Raw material over this quantity needs to be covered by the customer’s insurance.  (2)  Material that has been on Beckmann Converting’s premises for over 18 months will be charged a storage fee after notification that this time has expired.  Any raw materials or finished product inventories directed by the customer for disposal may require fees to be charged- a quotation for associated costs will be provided to the customer.


YES.  We provide this service now to several customers.  In fact, we have customers that we provide domestic and international shipping, where Beckmann Converting is the customer’s C-TPAT shipper (United States Customers Trade Partnership against Terrorism) for overseas shipments.