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Beckmann Converting, Inc. is a world leader in the manufacture of multi-layer high performance textile composites.  We combine leading edge bonding technology and years of experience to laminate continuous wide web, roll-to-roll technical textiles with processes scalable to high volume production.  Our customers can rely on Beckmann Converting to manufacture their textile composites cost effectively and with consistent test verified quality to meet their demanding performance requirements in their end use applications.


Accelerating New Product Development of Textile Composites

Although manufacturing is our core business, the technical team at Beckmann Converting is renowned for fulfilling a vital role in New Product Development for our customers.  We address the manufacturability and scalability of the lamination production process necessary to bring a finished product to market.  Our ability to rapidly create hand samples and roll trial product on actual production equipment enables our customers to explore alternate designs accurately and efficiently.  In many cases our customers have penetrated new markets with innovative products much sooner than anticipated as a result.


Our "Space" in Laminating Textile Composites

The two bonding methods used at Beckmann Converting are Ultrasonic Lamination and Hot Melt Adhesive Gravure Lamination.  Continuous innovation and process improvement have resulted in unique proprietary capabilities and growing capacity, all to the benefit of our customers.  We enhance our customers' experience by adhering to a sophisticated, registered ISO Quality Management System and customizing in-line slitting, quality testing protocols, put-up details, packaging, warehousing of raw materials and finished goods, and logisitics driven by on-time delivery, to their requirements and specifications.

Beckmann Converting operates as a "toll converter".  We do not compete with our customers!  We start with individual layers of customer-owned materials and laminate them into composites of their design and specification.  We do not manufacture raw materials or offer our own composites.

Rely upon Beckmann Converting to be your external laminator of technical textile composites.  Leverage our experienced capabilities in production and new product development to your advantage.

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Fire Barrier Fabrics from Sandel International

Beckmann Converting produces and markets the Sandel line of fire barrier fabrics. The Sandel products are different constructions of woven fiberglass that has been coated with a flame retardant, water-based polyurethane formulation to meet specific needs of targeted applications.  Visit the Sandel website to find out more.




At Beckmann Converting, we pride ourselves on being able to provide our unique bonding technologies, our expertise, and our resources to develop and manufacture multi-layer composites that meet our customers' requirements and specifications.  It is our mission to continue growing in the market of precision and high-performance laminates by continuously expanding our capabilities and knowledge of the processes and materials used in our bonding technologies.